SIY Alberta Chandelier

Style it yourself chandelier! For the crafty DIY bride who wants to add their own creative touch this is a show stopping addition.

We have created a blank, easy to construct card frame that you can decorate yourself. Use our crepe paper bundle packs or forge your own way with tissue, ribbon, foil or fabric strips.

The Alberta has a beautiful bulbous shape, designed to give the illusion of a traditional chandelier, however its up to your creativity to really style out this impressive form.

Whats included

1 x blank card chandelier form. This comes in easy to assemble sections which you style yourself.

When constructed the item is approx. 73 cm high with a diameter of 72 cm.

Each Alberta comes flat pack and will need to be constructed. The actual construction is a lightweight unit - under 1kg

Double sided tape and a craft knife will be useful in the construction.

Styling materials and rope is not included.


We rate this as medium chilli - its easy to assemble and it should take around 120mins to create an easy crepe paper covering.

This is an item that you can spend a long time up-styling, take your time and enjoy creating an artful installation.

Made In the UK.

Hints & Tips

Why not thread vintage Crystals onto the ends of ribbon to add extra sparkle? Alternatively we love the softness of feathers and a few added to long stands will flutter beautifully.

Multi-coloured image photographed by Alexa Loy, see her website here


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