Foil Shimmer Curtain

Instant backdrop! Simply unpack and hang for shimmer shimmer shimmer.

Foil curtain backdrops are fantastic in photos as they are just so glittery; alternatively cut the curtain up and make tassels or use as inexpensive ribbon favors.

Whats included

1 x foil curtain. Dimensions: 91.5cm wide x 241cm long.

We recommend buying 2 to give you enough width. The best way to work a backdrop is to layer the foil over fabric or paper.

Colours available: Glimmering Gold, Slinky Silver, Hot Hot Pink, Majestic Purple and Ruby Red.


Each curtain is supplied in a plastic bag and ready to use, as one long continuous length which can be cut to suit.

Very simple to use, our curtain has 4 eyelets for hanging and as it is so light weight it can be hung pretty much anywhere.

Hints & Tips

Want to shine like a star? Then get layering! These curtains are so much fun and in the case of foil, more is more. We created our pink back drop by layering lots of curtains to create a really dense backdrop.

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