About Us


We started Scene-Setter to design and produce great products that make people go ‘Ooooooh’! It's great to make an impact, whether it’s a hilarious photobooth or bold graphical letters. We're here to help you go to town and put on a show.

We design and manufacture product that is big on design detail. The concept is simple; light- weight, high impact and often large scale. Products that are easy to use, install and display to give you maximum fun with minimum fuss.

Being practical day dreamers, we want the fun and excitement, yet not at the cost of scrimping on the fabulous fizz reception or having to decide whether to go to LA or Luton on Honeymoon.

We are well versed in adding together all the costs, dividing them by the number of guests, multiplying by pi and scratching our heads to try and work out whether; we really need that extra bowl of olives per table or should we find something glorious that everyone can enjoy!

A bit about us:

Scene-Setter was founded by Tom and Marsha, both with many years of product development and management behind them. They have worked for suppliers in the party and gifting arena, creating and developing product sourced from around the world and placed into retailers from friendly independent shops to mini-multiples and upward to large supermarkets.

After years in the product business they spotted a gap in the market for innovative and often large scale products that could be retailed online, offering customers something new and unique and purchased, ready-to-go, for instant impact.