How to set up a photobooth

Posted on November 27, 2013 by Scene Setter

It really is so simple to set up a photobooth; you just need a few essential items to create a fun and memorable party activity.

Whether you are using one of our fantastic photobooth frames or if you are creating a photo opportunity corner with an on trend crepe paper backdrop, it's a quick job with the Scene Setter know-how.

We have outlined the key pieces of kit you will need as well as handy hints for setting up.

Location, Location, Location

Finding the best position for your photobooth is important, it is key to find an area that is flat, well lit and has enough space for photo fun. A decorative backdrop can work magic at hiding unwanted doors or windows. We love our shiny foil curtains as they are so bling bling!

Rock Steady

Of course your guests will always use personal camera's and phones to capture their own pics. But for the best results; a digital camera, set upon a study tripod will give you great pictures. Try to ensure that your tripod is positioned on the flat thus ensuring that your photos are square. Decide if you want portrait or landscape, orientate your camera the right way and adjust the lens so that the whole frame is in shot. Once this is done the camera shouldn't need to be adjusted again and all your shots will be consistent.

Test your space

It's best to locate your tripod at least 10ft away from your backdrop and photobooth, this way you get the most out of your shot. Its worth trying out a few different locations and test shots. Once you have the perfect set up, put a little bit of masking tape on the floor next to the tripod so, should it get moved, you can simply set it back in the correct position. If this happens don't forget to check the focus!

1,2,3 - Say cheese!

There is normally no shortage of people happy to act as 'camera' man. But if you want the booth to stand alone you can set the the camera on timer mode (most cameras have this as a standard function) place a little sign on the camera so your guests know what to do.

For something more snazzy, wired or wireless camera remote controls are widely available for DSLRs. These are easily found online, but do make sure you buy one that fits your camera model. This is a great solution, your guests can pose and take their own shots. If using a remote we suggest tying the remote to a ribbon and sticking one end to the back of the frame so it's in handy reach.

Let's Vogue

When setting up a backdrop make sure that there is enough space for guests to move around, posing takes up a surprising amount of space! If using one of our photobooth frames we suggest that you leave at least 1m behind the frame, this amount of space also lets bigger groups get in the picture.

Let there be light

Lighting is important when taking any picture, try to position your photobooth in a well lit area. Take a few tests shots when you setup. If you need a little more light try using the automatic flash on your camera or if available place some lamps close by.

But if you really want to trick out your photos we suggest either buying or hiring a photo lamp, these are fairly inexpensive and can flood your shots with lots of lovely light.


Show some face

You should be set up ready to go, add a heap of photo props to add to the frivolity! Moustache's and hairdo's are popular choices. When choosing your props look for items that are easy to handle yet have maximum impact.

Last but not least

Make sure your guests know about your photobooth! Use signs or sandwich boards to show guests where to head to. When the party gets going you want to make sure that you get those magic moments on film.

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Introducing Scene Setter

Posted on July 30, 2013 by Scene Setter

Welcome to our blog, this is where we will ponder, speculate chit chat and upload DIY tutorials. Quite a few people have asked who is Scene-Setter, well.....below you will find a little more detail.

Marsha: A whimsical cat lover with a penchant for making things and riffling through second hand junk stores.

Tom: A practical handyman with a penchant for excel and numbers, a frequent doodler who loves to paint.


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