Tiny Tots DIY Photobooth backdrop

Posted on October 15, 2013 by Scene Setter

Well, we finally did it! We launched a kiddies mini photobooth and can happily report that the shoot was a rambunctious affair with sweetie and trinket toy bribes flying about like nobodies business. We noticed a while ago that children just love to strike a pose and it made sense to launch a mini photobooth frame for children's birthday parties, Christenings and extra special play dates.

Kids parties have come a long way from what we remember. Iced ring biscuits would not cut it these days!  Photo opportunity corners are easy to create, a super fun activity and allow a moment for you to capture those hilarious voguing attempts.

Our tiny tots photobooth frame is dispatched in a study card case, which is the perfect size and shape to be used as a backdrop should you wish to have one. You can use it as a blank canvas to create something unique for your day. Photobooth backdrops are a really effective way to add depth and visual texture to your photos.To get you started we've created a simple DIY tutorial below.

We used a mix of crepe paper rolls, foil curtain strands, scrap bits of wallpaper and card. A quick option is to tape fabric to the card, just find a material you love and away you go.

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