DIY Photobooth Backdrop ideas

Posted on August 08, 2013 by Scene Setter

When planing a photo booth, whether at a wedding or party, a backdrop is an essential part of the making sure your photos pop. By pop, we mean creating a colour contrast against your party posers. By doing this the eye is drawn inwards ensuring the focus is clearly on your guests. Whether you are using our cool photo booth frames or creating your own, below is an easy to assemble DIY frame which you can style up.

We recommend using 2" x 2" sanded wood for the actual frame and then MDF or ply for the triangular feet - all of this is easy to pick up in your local DIY store. It's worth assembling and pre-drilling the holes so that you can slot the frame together quickly at your venue, simple wood screws will do the job. Don't forget to add corner brackets to keep the frame square. Suggested dims: W1.5m x H2m. Paint it or wrap it in ribbon - its yours to go nuts with.

You can simply mount a fabric sheet to the top with a staple gun or create a fringed back drop with our crepe streamers and foil curtain.  Or, how about creating screens that you can hang decorations from, like the pictures below?


Photo Credit: Anushe Low

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